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24 Sep 2014: Accuris Networks Receives $15 Million Investment and Hires Wireless Industry Leader Jeff Brown as CEO

Accuris Networks, a global leader in cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, announced today that it has completed a $15 million equity funding round. Key new investors in this privately held company are the Ulster Bank Diageo Venture Fund and the China Ireland Growth Technology Fund. In addition, Accuris Networks announced the appointment of seasoned U.S.-based wireless executive Jeff Brown as CEO.

18 Sep 2014: Mobile marketing automation firm Swrve raises $10M

Mobile marketing automation startup Swrve has raised $10 million to fuel its sales, marketing, and engineering expansion. The second round of funding is one of the first tasks accomplished by Christopher Dean, who became chief executive of San Francisco-based Swrve three months ago. Swrve combines elements of an ad network, analytics solution, user engagement engine, and user acquisition tool.

10 Sep 2014: Field service management tool FieldAware gets $24M to ensure the cable guy makes it to your house on time

FieldAware, a cloud management solution for field service organizations, is more than aware of your problem. And it just announced a $24 million round of funding to expand operations.

9 Sep 2014: Swrve Announces Support For iOS 8 and iPhone 6

Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced full support for both iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, ensuring that organizations using the Swrve platform to automate in-app marketing campaigns will be able to deliver those campaigns seamlessly across all existing and future Apple platforms.

3 Sep 2014: Banks could play role as ID assurance providers, report on Lloyds and Callsign finds

A pilot study undertaken by Lloyds Banking Group found that there is scope for banks to act as identity (ID) assurance providers for online government services. During the pilot project Lloyds issued some mobile banking app customers with digital identities developed by identity provider Callsign.

3 Sep 2014: Swrve Delivers A/B Testing of Push Notifications, In-App Campaigns

Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced support for A/B testing and optimization of push notification campaigns, in-app campaigns and native app content, meaning that for the first time marketers are able to know what works when it comes to every aspect of the mobile app user experience.

28 Aug 2014: Mobile World Congress: Metaio CEO and SAP share how users will gain unmatched situational awareness with augmented reality [Video]

Augmented Reality from SAP enhances user perception and revolutionizes the UX. Access enterprise information from anywhere while staying focused on work and environment. Experts from SAP and Metaio will share how users will gain unmatched situational awareness.

25 Aug 2014: Boxing clever to capture TV show data

Two entrepreneurs have set out to change the way people find the shows they want to watch on TV. Eoin Dowling and Kevin Burkitt have set up Boxfish in Silicon Valley to develop technology which can index every word spoken on television in real time.

21 Aug 2014: Hotchips 26: Myriad 2 presentation by Dave Moloney, CTO Movidius [YouTube Video]

Myriad 2 presentation by Movidius CTO Dave Moloney at Hotchips 26. Myriad 2 is the industry's first always-on vision processor. It delivers high-performance computational imaging and visual awareness in severely power-constrained environments.

18 Aug 2014: Mobile Industry Exposed #2: Swrve - "Treat your Players as Individuals"

We put the spotlight on Swrve CEO Christopher Dean. Swrve is an integrated mobile marketing automational platform that manages the customer life cycle on mobile, with in-app campaigns, push notifications, real-time responsive UX and A/B testing from a number of variables.

14 Aug 2014: Start running your enterprise, not your backup system!

Here's the thing - the undeniable truth is that your unstructured data is growing at an exponential rate and managing it consumes a significant amount of your time and effort unless you leverage the appropriate tools for the job. Maginatics provides several building blocks in order to enable administrators to build the right solution.

13 Aug 2014: Metaio Launches Junaio Augmented Reality Browser for Epson Moverio BT-200 Data Glasses

The world leading Augmented Reality (AR) software and solutions company, Metaio, today announced that the Junaio Augmented Reality browser is the first AR browser to be made available on the Moverio BT-200 Apps Market. Junaio - the most advanced AR browser available - is capable of "seeing" in 3D, allowing augmented reality experiences beyond 2D printed markers.

12 Aug 2014: Project Tango chip maker Movidius touts faster second-gen visual processor

Movidius, the company that developed the image processing chip behind Google's Project Tango, claimed that its second-generation chip will begin sampling to customers next week. Depending on how you look at it, the new Myriad 2 chip will offer between 5 and 25 times the performance of the first-generation chip, David Moloney, the co-founder and chief technical officer, said in a presentation at the Hot Chips conference on Tuesday.

07 Aug 2014: Mobile marketing platform Swrve gets a new tool - iBeacons

Swrve, a mobile-first marketing automation platform, is now adding a new dimension to its app-targeted campaigns. iBeacons. Using technology announced by Apple last summer, iBeacons are Bluetooth Low Energy-based transmitters in physical stores that direct location-based messaging to nearby iOS or Android mobile devices.

01 Aug 2014: Movidius Launches Myriad 2 Platform [View: Video Feature]

Myriad 2 is the industry's first always-on vision processor. It delivers high-performance computational imaging and visual awareness in severely power-constrained environments. Myriad 2 exhibits a skillful balance between hard-wired and programmable elements. This gives developers immediate access to its advanced vision processing core, while allowing them to develop proprietary capabilities that provide true differentiation.

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30 Jul 2014: Movidius Launches Improved Version Of The Vision Processor That Powers Google's Project Tango

Movidius isn't exactly a household name (yet), but chances are you came across the company's name when Google launched its Project Tango smartphones and tablets earlier this year. Those are Google's testbeds for seeing what developers can achieve when mobile devices have advanced 3D sensing on a phone and Movidius provided the specialized vision processor for those devices.

23 Jul 2014: FieldAware and The American Fire Sprinkler Association Partner to Improve Fire Sprinkler Installation and Service

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) has named FieldAware as its exclusive Endorsed Service Provider (ESP) for mobile field service management solutions. The agreement with FieldAware provides AFSA members with a best-in-class solution for increasing productivity, efficiency and compliance in the installation and service of automatic fire sprinkler systems.

21 Jul 2014: Maginatics Recognized by CRN as a 2014 Emerging Vendor

Maginatics Inc. today announced that today it has been recognized as one of 2014's hottest emerging technology vendors by CRN, the top news source for solution providers and the IT channel.

17 Jul 2014: Mobile Developers Must Engage And Retain Users Quickly, Says Swrve's Latest App Report

Mobile marketing firm Swrve has published data on how users interact with the applications on their smartphones. The average retention rate shows 26% of users returning to an app for a second time within a forty-eight hours of first opening the app, although over a third of activity with a mobile app lasts less than one minute.

16 Jul 2014: Datatility Deploys Maginatics for Customer Collaboration in the Cloud

Datatility's Cloud Storage Service to Benefit From Maginatics' Global Namespace, File Locking and Encryption.

15 Jul 2014: Swrve Announces Support For Amazon Fire Phone

Swrve today announced support for the Amazon Fire Phone, bringing the power of the Swrve platform to the Amazon ecosystem, including support for targeted in-app marketing campaigns and real-time segmentation and optimization.

10 Jul 2014: Smartwatches could be a perfect home for augmented reality from Metaio

Augmented reality is a buzz phrase still waiting for its moment to go truly mainstream. Maybe smartwatches can offer the breakthrough it needs? Metaio has today published this video of its technology running on a Samsung Galaxy Gear.

01 Jul 2014: Maginatics Wins Cloud Computing Excellence Award

Maginatics Inc., an emerging leader in distributed enterprise storage solutions, today announced that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform as a 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award winner.

30 Jun 2014: Maginatics wins the TMC 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, today announced the winners of the 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award including Maginatics in the Cloud Storage Category.

26 Jun 2014: Metaio CTO Peter Meier chosen as one of 40 most influential personalities of German IT history

Together with his Compagnon Thomas Old Peter Meier is one of the pioneers of Augmented Reality (AR) and its Munich-based company metaio with 120 employees, the world's leading software houses in this area. But not enough, you have over 100 patent applications around AR, and around 80,000 professional users to work with their solutions.

26 Jun 2014: Swrve’s New CEO: Christopher Dean, Former Skype and Urban Airship Exec

Mobile testing company Swrve said today that it had appointed a new CEO, Christopher Dean, who until recently was the chief revenue officer at push notification marketing firm Urban Airship; before joining Urban Airship in early 2012 he spent three years at Skype.

25 Jun 2014: Quixey makes big move in downtown Mountain View

Quixey, the five-year-old startup that we've called "the Google of mobile app search," is moving on up to bigger digs in Mountain View.

25 Jun 2014: 1 in 5 Android in-app purchases found to be fraudulent

As Google I/O 2014 gets underway, new analysis from Swrve reveals some disturbing news for Android app developers.

24 Jun 2014: Metaio Unveils 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck To Developers

Metaio one of the leaders in augmented reality technology, that powers a current community of over 100,000 developers, has released its own 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck. Now our Startrek dream technology can become reality.

24 Jun 2014: Metaio Unveils 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck To Developers

Metaio one of the leaders in augmented reality technology, that powers a current community of over 100,000 developers, has released its own 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck. Now our Startrek dream technology can become reality.

23 Jun 2014: Autelan and Accuris Networks Join Forces to Deliver Secure, Seamless Wi-Fi Offload to Asia-Pacific Carriers

Underscoring the massive and still fast-growing mobile market in China and the Asia-Pacific region, Wi-Fi offload and roaming innovator Accuris Networks has formed a strategic partnership with Autelan, the biggest Chinese-based Wi-Fi infrastructure provider.

23 Jun 2014: David Patterson, CEO of Sophia - Shares Insights

In Our 'Profile: A Day in the Life of' we head to Belfast, to speak with the chief executive of AI based e-commerce solution, Sophia Search.

20 Jun 2014: Linktel and Accuris Networks Partner to Deliver Seamless Roaming for Visitors at World Cup in Brazil

Visitors to Brazil cheering at the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup are also getting best-in-class, seamless, secure mobile phone connectivity to Wi-Fi networks through a new multi-phase partnership between Wi-Fi offload and roaming innovator Accuris Networks, and telecommunications service provider Linktel.

15 Jun 2014: A Search Engine for the Era of Apps

A company called Quixey is now dedicating its 150 employees and $74 million of investment funding to changing that. In an old appliance store across town from Google’s sprawling headquarters in Mountain View, California, Quixey is building a search engine that can peer inside apps to find what you need.

13 Jun 2014: Thermal Camera Turns Many Things into Interactive Surfaces

The augmented-reality company Metaio is experimenting with a wholly different method called Thermal Touch: it detects the traces of heat left behind when you touch something, which could enable you to use all kinds of things—walls, books, and perhaps even toys—as interactive touch surfaces.

11 Jun 2014: Metaio Reaches 100,000 Developers

In 2011 Metaio’s CEO Thomas Alt dubbed 2014 to be the year that augmented reality would exist on every smartphone, and so far it has been an incredibly exciting year turning that statement into a reality. Today, we're happy to share a new milestone: the Metaio developer community has grown to over 100,000 developers!

6 Jun 2014: Movidius Redefines Computer Vision

You've heard about the Movidius Myriad 1 vision processing unit (VPU) inside Google's Tango prototype -- a handset that, for one thing, can map 3D spaces just by walking through them. But what about this VPU at its heart, that Movidius claims is 10-times faster and bears little resemblance to the graphics processing units (GPU) with which we are all familiar...

5 Jun 2014: Saran-Entec Chooses Maginatics for Fast and Secure Collaboration Among Distributed Engineering Teams

Maginatics Inc. announced that Saran-Entec, an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company based in Istanbul, Turkey has deployed the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) to enable fast, reliable, and secure collaboration among engineering and commercial teams in Greece and Turkey....

5 Jun 2014: Metaio at the Augmented World Expo 2014

Last week was the Augmented World Expo and of course Metaio showed up in full force. Here’s a brief overview of everything that happened during the expo...

4 Jun 2014: FieldAware Releases Mapping by Latitude/Longitude for Remote Oilfield Applications

FieldAware has added mapping by latitude/longitude to its mobile solution to chart remote places where geographic coordinates are the only means for locating them. In addition, FieldAware's mobile apps bring productivity, safety and OSHA compliance enhancements to the Oil & Gas industry...

29 May 2014: How Ambient E-commerce Might Make People Say 'Yes'

The globalization of e-commerce and the opportunities it offers consumers, retailers and marketers (among others) has long been recognized. I still think it’s wonderful that I can go online, search for and buy a surfboard from the other side of the world in a few clicks and have it delivered to my home within days...

28 May 2014: Swrve And AppsFlyer Team Up To Deliver Full Reporting and Personalization Based On Acquisition Source

Swrve, the world's leading mobile marketing automation platform, today announced a full integration with AppsFlyer, the leader in mobile app installation and conversion tracking. This integration makes it possible to accurately determine ROI on all acquisition spend, and in addition, move the needle on ROI by delivering real-time personalized experiences for users from specific acquisition sources...

28 May 2014: Boxfish and Other Leading Companies Back [itvt]'s tvot^ Hackathon 2014

[itvt], the most widely read and trusted news source on multiplatform interactive and social TV, today announced it is bringing its highly-acclaimed tvot^ Hackathon back to San Francisco on June 7-8. Advanced television innovators and newsmakers, including Gracenote, DirecTV, National Geographic Channels, Boxfish, Nuance, Peel, and Brightcove...

27 May 2014: Augmented world takes center stage at expo

Think of it as the Consumer Electronics Show of the future. The increasingly near future. Augmented World Expo kicks off here Wednesday with some 200 exhibitors of virtual reality-focused tech, a doubling in size over last year that highlights the growing ubiquity of such gadgets and software...

27 May 2014: What is Ambient Ecommerce?

Ten or fifteen years ago, a wonderful new world was promised for digital mankind. Futurologists and preachers of the web, internet and digital media revolutions all confidently asserted that a paradise was beckoning in which advertising would finally, seamlessly and efficiently actually work...

23 May 2014: Metaio's Thermal Touch And The Future Of Augmented Reality User Interfaces

Metaio is demoing a new possible future in the evolutionary path for input control of wearable computing devices and it should be no surprise that Augmented Reality plays a role. The Metaio engineers have a novel concept that attempts to solve this first-world conundrum...

22 May 2014: Drone equipped with Google's 3D-sensing phone won't be deterred

Google wants to put its Project Tango handsets in orbit, but researchers from the GRASP Lab at UPenn are keeping things on the down-low with one of their already-clever quadrotors. If you'll recall, Tango has a depth sensor, motion tracking camera and two Movidius vision processors to create an internal 3D map of its surroundings...

22 May 2014: Metaio Thermal Imaging Could See Action In Future AR Headsets

Metaio, a name that many are familiar with when it comes to Augmented Reality (AR) actually merges both thermal imaging alongside augmented reality. Calling it the “Thermal Touch” interface, a video of it in action has been recorded for the masses to see just what the future holds...

21 May 2014: Golgi Raises $5M To Kill Mobile's Spinning Wheels

According to a recent study, more than 80% of users expect that apps should load within... three seconds or less. It's brutal. But there are smart entrepreneurs trying to solve the problem, like Golgi (pronounced “Gol-G”). The company says it can speed up apps by up to 20X. Golgi has raised a $5 million round of funding. The lead investor is Openmind, which has a platform that manages billions of mobile moments on devices every day...

21 May 2014: For Mobile Monetization, Choose Android for Ads and Apple For In-App Purchases

Mobile marketing company Swrve has released their report on 'App Monetization and Engagement'. Using a 'like for like' comparison in April, the San Francisco based company looked at the respective retention rates, engagement levels, and monetization of users, over the two leading mobile ecosystems...

19 May 2014: InsideAR Goes Global: Metaio to Host Augmented Reality Conferences in Munich, Tokyo and Beijing

Metaio, the world leader in Augmented Reality (AR) software and solutions invites the international community to join them at any of three major AR events held in Germany, Japan and China. The second InsideAR Tokyo will be held July 8, and the first InsideAR Beijing will be held September 5. The 8th Annual InsideAR, the largest InsideAR event in the world, will return to Munich October 29-30.

19 May 2014: EY Entrepreneur of the Year - Emerging finalists: Movidius Profile

Movidius is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in California, with design centres in Dublin and Timisoara, Romania. The company was founded in Dublin in October 2005 by Sean Mitchell and David Moloney... Finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Emerging category.

15 May 2014: 2014 Is the Year of the Deep Link

We've all been in the position of looking for fun places to go and good things to eat with friends, family, or colleagues. And we've all used our smartphones to find the hidden gems that will make us look like we're in the know. But are our smartphones really doing everything they can to connect us with the information we need?

14 May 2014: FieldAware's Mobile Field Service SuiteApp Achieves 'Built for NetSuite' Verification

FieldAware, a leader in made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service automation solutions, today announced that its Field Service SuiteApp has achieved the 'Built for NetSuite' verification. The new SuiteApp, built using NetSuite's SuiteCloud Computing Platform, provides customers with an enterprise-class solution for automating and optimizing field service organizations...

9 May 2014: Metaio Releases New Beta Version of Augmented Reality SDK Providing Enhanced Game Development Capabilities

Metaio's newest Beta version of its augmented reality SDK has now been optimized for wearable computing devices like the Epson Moverio BT-200. Instead of utilizing a camera view, Metaio's technology allows the user to perceive reality itself with digital and virtual content directly overlaid onto their surroundings potentially providing game developers with the opportunity to create AR games with a more immersive feel...

7 May 2014: Maginatics Integrates Cloud Storage Platform With EMC's ViPR

Distributed enterprise storage provider Maginatics launched Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) version 3.0, targeted at enterprise and service provider customers. New features include enhancements to the Maginatics Virtual Filer, or MVF, and the introduction of two new performance features – Content Delivery Cache and Site Cache...

7 May 2014: Movidius Appoints Computer Vision Pioneer to Technical Advisory Board

Movidius, the leader in mobile vision processor technology for connected devices, today announced that it had appointed Professor Takeo Kanade to its Technical Advisory Board. One of the world's foremost researchers in computer vision, Professor Kanade will be responsible for providing strategic guidance and technological insights to Movidius to develop the next wave of visually aware mobile processing technologies...

7 May 2014: 24 businesses shortlisted for EY Entrepreneur of the Year award

Twenty-four companies have been shortlisted across three categories for the 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year award. Representing the full spectrum of industries, the 24 finalists employ 6,000 people and generate annual revenues of €628 million. The finalists in the emerging category include Sean Mitchell and David Moloney of Movidius...

6 May 2014: Epson and Metaio Get Us Back On Track For Wearable Augmented Reality

Epson announced that their new Moverio BT-200 glasses are now shipping. Instead of having a small screen you look at for content like Google Glass, these glasses project content up onto the see-through lenses so they are inline with the real world you are viewing. Epson has partnered with AR firm Metaio and utilized their superior Augmented Reality SDK...

5 May 2014: Metaio and Toywheel Launch Global "AR Toys Competition"

Metaio, the worldwide leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, and Berlin development studio Toywheel today announced the launch of the first global augmented reality development competition for toys and children's games...

5 May 2014: Maginatics Announces Version 3.0 Of The Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform

Maginatics Inc. today announced the market launch of the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) version 3.0. The launch of MCSP v3.0 brings an exciting range of new functionality and features to further enhance the capabilities and performance offered to enterprise and service provider customers...

28 April 2014: Swrve is marketing automation for in-app monetization — 75 billion mobile actions a month

The hottest new frontier for developers is mobile, but most the of the 30-plus vendors in the marketing automation space are missing the boat by totally ignoring it, according to Hugh Reynolds, the CEO of Swrve, which monitors 75 billion monthly user actions on mobile by 500 million people, looking for things that will make mobile developers more money...

13 April 2014: Ten Irish start-ups raising big money [Boxfish & Movidius]

Movidius: This Dublin-based designer of ultra high-power smartphone chips raised €12.3m last July and recently teamed up with Google...

Boxfish: Dublin and California-based start-up will make your TV and your Sky or cable box a lot smarter in the next year or so. Having raised €5m last month from Atlantic Bridge and electronics giant Samsung...

9 April 2014: Most Mobile Game Players Quit After One Day

The audience for mobile free-to-play games is cheaper and more transient than previously thought, according to a new report out today from app testing firm Swrve...

17 March 2014: TV data startup Boxfish raises $7 million to make your cable box smarter

Forget browsing your TV guide by show names — how about you look for the topics that everyone is talking about right now instead? TV data startup Boxfish, which just raised $7 million, believes it can make this happen...

17 March 2014: Swrve Launches World's First Real-time Personalization Engine For Mobile And Tablet Apps

Mobile marketers can now react immediately to user behaviors and adapt user experience based on consumer intent. New pricing tiers see launch of "Swrve for all" campaign...

13 March 2014: Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi network helps MWC to hit terabyte high

Delegates at this year's Mobile World Congress generated more than 19.1 terabytes of traffic through the venue's Wi-Fi network, which was one of the first large scale deployments of Hotspot 2.0 technology. Cisco, AT&T and Accuris Networks built a Hotspot 2.0 network for this year's event, which allowed users with compatible phones to securely and automatically connect to a network...

12 March 2014: Sophia launches Ambiance™, the world's first ambient e-commerce platform

Ambiance™ is an artificial intelligence (AI) based e-commerce solution that solves the problem of online ad blindness by associating web content with products people want to buy. It eliminates the need to invade consumer privacy through tracking techniques and click-through rates are up to 50x greater than current industry standards...

11 March 2014: Project Tango [Video] - Movidius partners with Google

At the core of Google's freshly announced experimental Project Tango smartphone platform is a vision processor called the Myriad 1, manufactured by chip startup Movidius and its CEO Remi El-Ouazzane. The chip is being used by Google's Advanced Technology And Projects Group, retained in the Motorola split, to enable developers to access computer vision processing never before seen on a phone...

26 February 2014: Only 0.15 percent of mobile gamers account for 50 percent of all in-game revenue

The group of gamers responsible for half of all in-game revenue in mobile titles is frightening because it is so narrow, according to a survey by Swrve, an established analytics and app marketing firm. About 0.15 percent of mobile gamers contribute 50 percent of all of the in-app purchases generated in free-to-play games...

25 February 2014: Semantic App Search Engine Quixey Now Digs Into Apps Themselves To Serve You Direct Results

Quixey - the semantic app search engine that has raised some $74.2 million from the likes of Alibaba, Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors and others - is raising the bar again in its bid to make apps and the data that they hold more discoverable. Today the startup is launching a new feature that it calls "Functional Search"...

25 February 2014: Leviathan - A Whale of a Tale

LEVIATHAN was originally inspired by the steampunk universe of the Scott Westerfeld novel of the same name- an alternate universe where the British empire genetically engineers wondrous whale-like beasts that soar amid hot-air-balloon jellyfish. Though fantastical and as far as one can get from consumer electronics, this was the back drop for what transpired at the 2014 CES Intel booth...

24 February 2014: Movidius Joins the Global Semiconductor Alliance

Movidius, the leader in vision processor technology for mobile and portable devices, today announced that it has joined the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the voice of the global semiconductor industry...

24 February 2014: Digicel Selects Wi-Fi Offload and Roaming Solution from Accuris Networks to Deliver Seamless Connection to Customers

Wi-Fi innovator Accuris Networks today announced that its award-winning Wi-Fi offload and roaming platform, AccuROAM, has been chosen by Digicel Group, which will make the technology available to its subscribers in 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia-Pacific region...

20 February 2014: Metaio reveals new augmented reality SDK to support latest 3-D camera and 3-D printing technologies

Metaio, the world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, showcased 3-D camera interfaces for augmented reality along with the latest in enterprise and wearable experiences at the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona...

20 February 2014: Inside The Revolutionary 3D Vision Chip At The Heart Of Google's Project Tango Phone

A demonstration of the technology behind Google's new Project Tango provided some insights. Remi El-Ouazzane, chief executive of chip maker Movidius, recently showed off a prototype of a Project Tango smartphone equipped with special cameras, sensors and software...

20 February 2014: Inside The Revolutionary 3D Vision Chip At The Heart Of Google's Project Tango Phone

At the core of Google's freshly announced experimental Project Tango smartphone platform is a vision processor called the Myriad 1, manufactured by chip startup Movidius and its CEO Remi El-Ouazzane. The chip is being used by Google's Advanced Technology And Projects Group, retained in the Motorola split, to enable developers to access computer vision processing never before seen on a phone...

20 February 2014: Brian Long, Atlantic Bridge Partners Enterprise Ireland Keynote Speaker: "The View from Silicon Valley" [You Tube]

Brian Long, Atlantic Bridge Partners Keynote Speaker: "The View from Silicon Valley" at Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-Up (HPSU) Conference. HPSUs are start-up businesses with the potential to develop an innovative product or service for sale on international markets and the potential to create 10 jobs and €1m in sales within 3 to 4 years of starting up...

17 February 2014: AT&T, Cisco and Accuris Networks Deliver Automatic Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi for Visitors to Mobile World Congress

Hotspot 2.0 will be deployed on a grand scale for the first time, serving tens of thousands of conference attendees at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. AT&T, Cisco and Accuris Networks are collaborating with several global mobile operators, including Bell Mobility, China Mobile, Korea Telecom, MEO, Mobily, NTT DOCOMO, PCCW-HKT, SK Telecom, and True to provide a Next-Generation Wi-Fi Hotspot network at the conference...

13 February 2014: BitMonster Uses Swrve to Personalize The Gunner Z Experience

Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced working with mobile game developer BitMonster to improve player acquisition and retention. With A/B testing and personalized messaging, BitMonster boosts time players spent engaged with hit title...

12 February 2014: Metaio featured in BBC Click and ARTE Futuremag

German-French TV station ARTE and the BBC came to visit us to get excited about Augmented Reality applications from Metaio. Both shooting teams traveled to Munich and were interested in the hottest topics in the tech business: valuable Augmented Reality applications with actual use cases for wearables like Google Glass...

10 February 2014: Metaio, OGC, Layar, and Wikitude invite Mobile World Congress attendees to AR Interoperability Demo

In addition to presentations by OGC representatives about location standards that maximize the value of mobile devices' location awareness, the OGC will host the worldÕs first Augmented Reality (AR) Browser Interoperability Demonstration. Layar, Metaio and Wikitude, the largest AR platform providers, have cooperated to make it easy for AR content to be shared across their technology platforms...

6 February 2014: Building a Better Cloud Storage Mousetrap

Just as virtualization has transformed data center operations, the emergence of cloud technologies, the plethora of end point devices and clients, and the consumerization of IT services presents a new paradigm in the way IT needs to operate storage...

30 January 2014: zeebox uses the Swrve Platform to Bring The Social Experience to Watching TV

Swrve, the leader in relationship marketing for mobile apps, today announced it is working with zeebox, to increase social sharing of content within their second-screen application. Real-time analytics and A/B testing help optimize user experience and increase social shares by over 500%...

29 January 2014: VC firms back Irish start-ups in China

[Subsription Required] Led by the likes of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, US tech companies have flocked to Ireland due to its EU access and business friendly policies, creating around 140,000 local jobs in the process. This has fostered spin-outs and serial entrepreneurs across the mobile, software and cloud storage segments...

27 January 2014: CCTV Biz Asia Report on Summit Bridge Capital Investment Fund

Interview and report on Summit Bridge Capital, a new $100 million joint-venture investment fund between Ireland and China. The report and intervew begins at 21min...

22 January 2014: FieldAware Raises the Bar in Field Service Automation with New Mobile Apps

FieldAware, has released new apps designed to increase field service productivity and customer service while maximizing revenue potential. The new tablet app takes advantage of the larger displays and processing power of iOS and Android tablets and upgrades to the existing iOS and Android smartphone apps add new functionality and enhance usability...

21 January 2014: Maginatics Announces Version 2.5 of its Maginatics File System (MagFS) Technology

Maginatics Inc. today announced the availability of version 2.5 of its flagship technology, Maginatics File System (MagFS), the foundation of the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP). MCSP is a new breed of storage technology that has been natively designed for software-defined data centers and the cloud, providing enterprises with an unparalleled solution to manage their growing unstructured data while enabling agile IT and business growth...

17 January 2014: China Invests in Irish Technology Firms; Ireland Finds New Funding to Boost Economy

China has agreed to help fund Ireland's fast-growing technology firms as the former Celtic Tiger strives to find new sources of financing to kick-start its economic recovery as it emerges from its debt crisis...

17 January 2014: New $100m Ireland-China fund aims to capture a further $200m for Irish tech firms

Summit Bridge Capital, a new $100 million joint-venture investment fund between Ireland and China, is aiming to attract up to $200 million in further investment from other funds to plough into Irish technology companies looking to break into the Chinese export market...

17 January 2014: Atlantic Bridge and West Summit launch $100 million Fund, Summit Bridge Capital

Atlantic Bridge Capital and WestSummit Capital today announced the launch of Summit Bridge Capital to manage the $100 million China Ireland Technology Growth Capital Fund...

6 January 2014: Metaio to integrate 3D Augmented Reality into Intel® RealSense™ Computing SDK

Metaio, the world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, today announced at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the planned integration of their patented 3D augmented reality tracking software with the Intel® RealSense™ Software Development Kit (SDK).

2 January 2014: Metaio Leads Next-Gen Augmented Reality On Wearables at CES 2014

Metaio, the world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, will be the main augmented reality exhibitor and participant in this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Metaio showcase next-generation consumer and enterprise augmented reality on the latest wearable devices, including those from partners EPSON and Vuzix.